Introducing the FLIR Breach Thermal Monocular

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New Gen 3 FLIR One Pro Phone

for iOS and Android devices.

The FLIR ONE Pro is the third generation

of the outstanding FLIR ONE thermal camera


Complete package for
mobile thermal inspections.

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FLIR C2 Thermography Camera

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GTEK Pty Ltd is a Company Specialising in the field of Thermal Imaging. We are an Authorised FLIR Distributor Based in South east Queensland offering a comprehensive range of Thermal Solutions for Industrial, Commercial, Transportation, Recreational and many more applications.

Specialising in IR Technology gives GTEK the ability to focus on Product knowledge and fit for purpose selection of an IR Solution that best suits the customer’s requirements. GTEK is committed to training as it is an important consideration when implementing IR into one’s work place, GTEK offers Training on delivery of Cameras (conditions apply) along with advocating Certified Level 1 and 2 courses which are delivered in Queensland several times annually. (see website for details).

Applications are wide and varied as Heat Energy is a critical part of almost all Processes and systems. Some of the applications include:  Electrical Switch Board Inspections, Building Inspections, Pest Inspections, Moisture Ingress, Fixed and Mobile Plant Maintenance, Asset monitoring & Aerial Surveys.


I first met Grant during my enquiries into better night vision equipment, about 7 years ago.

He showed me a Scout 24 and we took it out to field test it.

Grant was a wonderful teacher, and we soon had control of the night. He came with me and my mate many times to

assist us and get hands on experience himself with the hunting down of vermin on farms.

We frequently demonstrate the FLIR to farmers to view stock, fuel and water tanks and other farm applications.

There was never a time when Grant did not have, or find, the answer to any technical questions I have had.

As suppliers of FLIR equipment, Tracey and Grant have been wonderful.

I now have a “Fleet of FLIRs” and FLIR users in this district, and most people now know where to get them.

I look forward to many years of FLIR with Tracey and Grant, and their great backup and supply.

Ian RabigFormerly a Partner in Mackay Shooters Supplies, now a Consultant in Firearms, Reloading, Pest Control and Night Vision.